Australian Web Sites

Car Dealer Inventory Manager

Get your Vehicles Inventory online in Minutes.

Australian Web Sites has created a Powerfull but easy-to-use Web Based solution that allows your dealership to be in control of all your Internet marketing initiatives.

If you want to be able to add Your Vehicles to Your Website at any time, and from Every Computer that has internet access, by simply filling in an online form, and uploading pictures, Australian Web Sites is your provider.

Save Time and Describe your Vehicles without typing a lot of text; do almost everything by selecting values from drop down boxes, or checkboxes. A description field is available, so you can post your custom description as well.

Our Vehicles Inventory Management Software comes as one of our Content Management System's Plugins, so, you are also able to keep your website's contet up-to-date, add new pages, delete old ones, etc.
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Training on how to administrate your website is included. Also, 3 months of free support.

Some Features of our Car Dealer Inventory Management Software:

Easy to use Administration Panel.

Add Your Vehicles from an easy to use form. Select the Year, Make, Model, Body Style, Exterior Color, Interior Color, Doors Type, Engine Type, Transmission, Fuel Type, Drive Type from drop down boxes.

Select the Options available for your Vehicle from a list of CheckBoxes.

Set Up different Contact Informationfor each of your Vehicles

Upload one or more images for each of your Vehicles.

Define Featured Vehicles, and promote them on your home page, or on any other page.

Manage the values of all Drop Down Boxes and Check Boxes from the Online Administration Panel.

Services offered with Any Car Dealer Website that we build:

Customizing the template that you select for your website, or Custom Design upon request.

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission.

Installation on Your Hosting Company's server - if you allready have a hosting account - or installation on our server if you decide to host your website with us.

3 months free hosting for customers that host their website with us.

Training on how to use the Administration Panel.