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Products Catalog & Ecommerce

Manage All Your Products Online with the Australian Web Sites Catalog.

The Australian Web Sites Catalog is a powerful but easy-to-use solution for creating and maintaining an online Products Catalog.

It is developed for companies that have several products or big pictorial portfolio. You can easily add, update or delete the required product, sort the products on Categories and Subcategories on unlimited levels.

Build your Special Offers page by simply selecting several products as being Featured. Featured Products have their own page on your Products Catalog section, and they can also be shown on home page and on any other page.

Our Products Catalog Software comes as one of our Content Management System's Plugins, so, you are also able to keep your website's contet up-to-date, add new pages, delete old ones, etc.
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Training on how to administrate your website is included. Also, 3 months of free support.

Some Features of our Products Catalog Software:

Easy to use Administration Panel.

Unlimited Categories And Subcategories on unlimited levels.

Upload one or more images for each of your products.

Define Featured Products, and promote them on your home page, or on any other page.

Set up Discounts and Sale Prices for certain Products for a limited or unlimited period of time.

MultiLanguage and MultiCurrency Capabilities.

Online Ordering System.

Search Engine Optimized pages and Product Pages

Services offered with Any Products Catalog Website that we build:

Custom Website Design.

Custom Programming to adapt our catalog to fit your Business

Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Submission.

Installation on Your Hosting Company's server - if you allready have a hosting account - or installation on our server if you decide to host your website with us.

3 months free hosting for customers that host their website with us.

Training on how to use the Administration Panel.